This giver does not seek out this opportunity to give and only does so when asked directly for a donation.  Perhaps he was unaware of the opportunity, his gift is good and he can improve to a higher level by seeking out the need.

The giver gladly provides assistance to the poor.  For all his gracious countenance the gift is well below his means.  Even though he can do far more his gift is appreciated.

Our Mission is Simple:
Help Poor People Become Successful

 We support our neighbors lest they fall and become dependant upon strangers. 

Any two parent household who are ready to move from bare survival into prosperity may apply!  All parents must have a job or be looking for work and current on their bills.  We support them by cutting their rent to 1/3 their take home income, teaching them how to earn more and providing a support structure for them to lean on in an emergency.

Mark Elkins

Executive Director

General Contractor



giving before being asked

When the giver actively gives to the poor person without having to be asked. The giver has taken the initiative in making the gift.

Our Board of Directors

Jeff Jenkins

Board Director

Technical Advisor



What are the 8 degrees of giving?

helping another to become self supporting by a gift or loan or by finding employment

Laurie Fike

Board Director

Fund Raising Chair



anonymous giving and receiving

what one should when asked

If a donor can give to the poor when neither party knows where the gift went or from where it was given, there can be no embarrassment or condescension amongst the parties.

giving anonymously

When a giver is unhappy about having given.  He has fulfilled his role in giving even though he feels badly about the way the donation was extracted from him unwillingly.

graciously, but less than one should

When I first rented from 8th Degree, I hated my job.  8th Degree got me schooled in home health care.  Now I earn twice as much doing something I like!

We give only Tzedakah (tseh-dah-kuh).  Tzedakah is more than charity, it is justice.  What we give is given because it is the right thing for us to do.  It is not out of pity or sympathy, it is our role in life that we should support our less fortunate neighbor.  We believe there are 8 levels of Tzedakah like rungs of a ladder or degrees of progress, each level is higher than the last.

8th DEGREe

When the poor person knows to whom he is indebted but the giver does not know to whom he has given the exists a possibility of embarrassment to the recipient

Dominic Romano

Board Director

Finance Chair



donor is identified to unknown recipients


Our Mission

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reluctantly and with regret

When the giver knows to whom he has given but the recipient does not know the source of the gift. The giver might condescend upon the recipient knowing he has relied upon him.

This highest level is when the donor uses his good fortune to help the recipient become self sufficient.  The recipient participates in making the gift effective on himself and the donor promotes the strength of his community.